A New Home for VESTA®

On March 8, 2018, Airbus DS Communications, which you know as the home of VESTA, became part of Motorola Solutions. We are excited and proud to join Motorola Solutions, a global leader with over 14,000 people around the world whose sole focus is bringing you the best in mission-critical communications.

As Motorola Solutions, we are guided by a common purpose: We help people be their best in the moments that matter. This is the driving force behind our work, fueling our passion and commitment to your success.

We do not take lightly the confidence you place in us, our solutions and our services.

Our goal is to ensure everyone we serve - from our Calltakers and first responders, to our business continuity and disaster recovery professionals, to our military officers - has powerful and flexible, yet easy-to-use tools to help keep their communities safe.

With the addition of VESTA®, Motorola Solutions has strengthened its position as a leader in mission-critical communications offering a complete end-to-end solution, no matter the size of your community or organization. We deliver a public safety communications software suite that puts the technology to protect those you serve - in your hands.

A Few Facts About VESTA